Hot Sleeper? Best Bedding for Keeping Cool at Night

Summer is well and truly here, and while we mostly love the long days and hazy summer nights, those of us that are hot sleepers can spend their nights tossing and turning during the hotter months. No fun!

When sticking your feet out isn't enough to beat the heat.

Finding the right bedding can  be the key to a comfortable  night’s sleep. Pure flax linen is  a natural fabric that is  lightweight with unique  properties that make it a  perfect choice for hot sleepers.  Here’s why:
When it comes to sleep, temperature plays a crucial role. Our body temperature naturally drops as we fall asleep, and it needs to stay low for the duration of the night for us to have a good quality sleep. Bedding that traps heat and moisture can disrupt this process, leading to discomfort, restlessness, and difficulty falling or staying asleep.

The natural breathability of flax linen allows for air flow, which can help dissipate heat and moisture. Its natural moisture-wicking properties helps regulate your body temperature to keep you dry and cool throughout the night. Clever!
 The natural fibers of flax linen are hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice for hot sleepers with sensitive skin or allergies. It’s also a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other fabrics, making for peace of mind shopping.

Other tips to keep cool in bed this summer

Keep your room cool: Use air conditioning or fans to keep the temperature in your bedroom comfortable. Keep windows closed during the day to block out the heat and open them at night to let in cool air.

Take a cool shower or bath before bed: Wash away the hot day right before bedtime. This will help lower your body temperature, making it easier to fall asleep in a warm room.

Choose the right sleepwear: If sleeping naked fills you with dread, opt for light-weight and loose fitting PJ’s.

Ditch the duvet: Swap the doona for a linen flat sheet or light-weight blanket.

So if you're a hot sleeper looking to beat the heat this summer, consider swapping out your current bedding for pure flax linen and experience the difference for yourself.